“Thank you for coming”, the cool author of Asylum and Sanctum dressed in an awesome Game of Thrones-designed dress- Madeline Roux, tells me. “Can I get a hug?”, the warm author of the Evernight series with a chic persona-Claudia Gray, asks me.  

I found out that Claudia Gray was coming here soon through one of my bookstagram friends named Pam. Hahaha. Imagine my surprise when I saw Stargazer, Balthazar and Fateful for sale at only 99 pesos each at National Bookstore SM Sta. Rosa! Then and there, I was hooked. I know a steal when I see one! Haha! I knew I had to adopt them three and welcome them to the bookshelf ♥

  • Pre-signing happenings 

Sure enough, several days later, @nbsalert (the official Instagram account of National Bookstore Philippines) posted this!


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