Jan.10, 2015

Hello, hello! Is thing thing working?!? Can you read this? Haha 🙂

Hey there, whoever you are in whatever place you’re reading this! 

Welcome to Reading Rexy, my first ever book blog!

Take a look around-I’m almost done with all the pages you’ll encounter by browsing the blog’s menu. If you like what you see, please do consider wasting a millisecond of your life by clicking the FOLLOW button. 🙂

Please forgive the few number of posts for the time being-I’m fairly new to the blogging world and I’m still learning how to master the ropes of balancing my life between being a normal human being and a blogger with super secret powers. (Shhh about the super secret powers thing, alright? Haha!).  I’ll be trying my best to update as much as I can.  If you notice me being super inactive and it bothers you, I urge you to consider sending out inspiring telephatic thoughts. Haha! 

Much love and happy reading!

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My Favorite Book


Like the NY times Bestsellers List, the book that holds the No. 1 Spot varies day by day to me. .When asked what is my favorite book, I cannot name a particular one I cannot really choose what my favorite book is. To me, asking what is my favorite book is a lot like asking a parent who his or her favorite child is. I simply cannot name one. This is not because I have nothing in mind but because I have so many titles in mind.

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7 Book Beaus


beau- /bō/ noun. a boyfriend or male admirer. Synonymsboyfriend, sweetheart, lover, darling, partner, significant other, escort,admirer, suitor

One of my most favorite parts when reading a book is getting to pick a fictional beau. Frequently he’s mainstream and I have to share my deep obsessive love for him with other fangirls. Oftentimes he’s unconventional and I get to share him with a just a few who thinks the same way. However, sometimes he’s not-well known so I get to have the privilege of him being all mine, mwahahaha. What’s constant though is that I found something in him that makes him different from any other character in a book-something that makes me wish he were real and that he indeed is my beau.

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