About this blog


Credits to the original owner

Reading Rexy©  first started as a “book account” in social networking site Instagram (@reading_rexy) in the summer of 2014. It was created by a 17 year old Filipina who wanted something to do in her school break. To date, the said account has 2.9K followers and counting.

Rexanne, the owner of Reading Rexy, was inspired to create a book blog due to the empty space for a website/blog address in the aforementioned Instagram account. In addition to this, she also wanted someplace to store her reviews about the books she reads and yearned for a place to post her lengthy ramblings that don’t fit in Instagram. To top it all of, Rexy has yearned for a long time for a blog to call her own.  Alas, this WordPress blog was officially born around August of 2014.

Due to some circumstances, this blog was neglected for a while. It officially became active again on January 2015 and Rexy hopes it will never be neglected as much again. However, since the blogger is a busy college student, updates will be posted in her leisure.

This blog aims to post bookish stuff such as reviews, ramblings and adventures. You may explore the blog by clicking on the Menu and clicking whatever strikes your fancy. Most, if not all, posts in this blog will be accompanied by pictures. Most of them are taken from the internet but some are owned by the blogger herself. Copyright infringements on all ‘borrowed’ photos are not intended.

This blog also aims to accommodate requests for book review posts and essays about certain bibliophile topics. Guidelines on how to send requests are on the corresponding pages.

Above all, this blog aims for the blogger to connect with people all over the world in order to share her love and passion for reading and books. The owner of the blog wishes you enjoy your visit. ♥




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