Fly on the Wall by E. Lockhart


TITLE: Fly on the Wall

AUTHOR: E. Lockhart

PUBLISHER: Delacorte Press


GENRE: YA, Contemporary, Romance, Fantasy

DATE READ: March 2015

SYNOPSIS: *from Goodreads*

At the Manhattan School for Art and Music, where everyone is “different” and everyone is “special,” Gretchen Yee feels ordinary. She’s the kind of girl who sits alone at lunch, drawing pictures of Spider-Man, so she won’t have to talk to anyone; who has a crush on Titus but won’t do anything about it; who has no one to hang out with when her best (and only real) friend Katya is busy.
One day, Gretchen wishes that she could be a fly on the wall in the boys’ locker room–just to learn more about guys. What are they really like? What do they really talk about? Are they really cretins most of the time?
Fly on the Wall is the story of how that wish comes true.

REXY’S RATING: 3 stars

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Royal Wedding by Meg Cabot


TITLE: Royal Wedding (Princess Diaries Book 11)

AUTHOR: Meg Cabot

PUBLISHER: William Morrow & Company


GENRE: Adult, Romance, Young Adult, Contemporary

DATE READ: June 2015

SYNOPSIS: *my own with Goodreads, haha*

In this 11th installment of the Princess Diaries series, Mia Thermopolis is back- and she’s engaged to high school sweetheart Michael Moscovitz! But now Mia has some scandal of majestic proportions to contend with before the big day: an illegitimate sister, a refugee crisis in Genovia, and so much more!. Can Mia prove to everyone–especially herself–that she’s not only ready to wed, but ready to rule as well?


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This is What Happy Looks Like by Jennifer E. Smith


TITLE: This is What Happy Looks Like

AUTHOR: Jennifer E. Smith



GENRE: Young Adult, Romance, Contemporary

DATE READ: January 25, 2015

SYNOPSIS: *my own*

An accidental email between teenage heartthrob Graham Larkin  and  small-town country girl Ellie O’Neill is the start of a very special friendship between two people from different worlds. After finding themselves conversing day by day without revealing their true names and identities for a while, Graham decides to meet Ellie face-to-face in her small-town by scheduling his movie shoot in her hometown.

…Can friendship and a budding romance survive outside the online world? Can two people from different worlds meet halfway? Can they actually find out what happiness means? This Is What Happy Looks Like by Jennifer E. Smith tackles these questions and more.

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Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins


TITLE: Anna and the French Kiss

AUTHOR: Stephanie Perkins



GENRE: YA Romance, YA Contemporary

DATE READ: July 2014

SYNOPSIS: *my own*

Anna Oliphant was shipped by her parents to move to Paris and pursue the rest of her high school education there. With zero French words in her vocabulary and a growing sense of homesickness, Anna senses that she definitely won’t enjoy her school year. Sooner than Anna would have thought, she befriends a girl named Meredith and soon becomes part of her group. She meets school dreamboy extraordinaire Étienne St. Clair. Slowly but surely, Anna becomes attracted and attached to the French boy. The problem? Étienne is taken and Anna just might have someone waiting for her back home.


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To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han

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TITLE: To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before AUTHOR: Jenny Han PUBLISHER: Simon & Schuster NO. OF PAGES: 368 GENRE: YA Romance, YA Contemporary DATE READ: 2014 SYNOPSIS: *my own* Lara Jean, a half-Korean girl with two sisters and a non-existent love life, writes love letters to all the boys who have touched her heart for one reason or another. Everything is as it should be in her world until her elder sister leaves for Scotland and breaks up with her longtime boyfriend whom Lara Jean has secretly admired for a long while too. The five secret love letters she has written sits prettily in her hatbox until one day she finds them gone and sent to the five boys, one of whom is her sister’s ex-boyfriend. Soon Lara Jean finds herself in a fake whirlwind romance with another boy she sent a letter to in order to save face. Soon, the lines between reality and deception is as blurred as a dried up pen’s ink. REXY’S RATING: 4 stars Continue reading

Lola and the Boy Next Door by Stephanie Perkins


TITLE: Lola and the Boy Next Door

AUTHOR: Stephanie Perkins


GENRE: Young Adult, Romance, Contemporary, Fiction


DATE READ: April 2014

SYNOPSIS: *my own*

Lola Nolan is unique. She talks to the moon as an adviser. She has a penchant for fashion without the words “too much” in her vocabulary. She has a boyfriend named Max, a rocker guy five years her senior, much to the dismay of her two gay fathers.

One day, she learns that a new family is moving to the house next to theirs…only to find out they’re not so new. They’re the Bells of the Graham Bell telephone family. With them is aspiring mechanical engineer Cricket Bell, aka Lola’s ex-flame, … and he may or may not be showing interest to get Lola back again.
REXY’S RATING: 5 stars

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