Frequently Asked Questions

Hey there! Below are some questions I have constructed by asking myself what you, dearest blog reader, might want to ask me.  Of course, I’ve taken the liberty of answering them too, haha.

Scroll down below and discover things you might not know about this blog, the posts and the blogger.

If you have a question but it doesn’t appear here, feel free to comment it and I’ll add it to this pile. 


  • How often do you plan to update?

I’ll update whenever I’m free to do so. I’m a college student so sometimes college and life gets in the way but rest assure that I plan on updating this blog whenever I can. It might be as often as everyday or as seldom as once a week but I will be updating as much as I can. :)_

  • Is this your first blog?

Yes, I consider this as my first blog. Truth be told, I still don’t know how blogging works 100%. I’m still unfamiliar with book tours, bloglovin, advertising hooplas and other stuff. However, I hope I’ll get the hang of it as time goes by 🙂

  • Do you accept comments and suggestions for this blog?

O to the M to the G  yes. I really really really appreciate anyone’s comments, let alone suggestions.  I’d love to know how you think about what I think 🙂


  • Do you only review romance and YA books?

NO. As of the moment, most of the books I have read and plan to review are part of those genres. However, I would gladly review any other genre in the future. 🙂

  • Do you accept books to be reviewed?

YES. I’d love to read and review any book you’d ask me to read!!!  See this page for more details.

  • How do you review books?

Check out my review policy right here 🙂

  • Are you honest in your ratings and reviews?

I created this blog to serve as my future reference for the books I have read. I don’t want to fool myself in the future. Coincidentally, I don’t want to fool you. …So yes, I’m honest in my reviews.


  • How do you attend booksignings?

Mostly they’re hosted by my local bookstores. I just show up early, be a good girl and wait for my turn ♥

  • Do you lie in an ‘author encounter’ post?

NO. I plan on divulging every memory I have of the moment I met a particular author for future reference. I don’t want to fool myself, let alone you, in lying about how great or horrendous an author encounter was like.  As this is my blog, I will type and will post exactly how I felt.

  • How do you make your bookish lists?

Randomly. Haha. I think up of random bookish stuff and I pick a number that I want.

  • What are your bookish ramblings?

They are exactly what the words entail. They’re random. Haha!


  • How old are you?

I am 17 going on 18 🙂

  • Where are you from?

I’m from the Pearl of the Orient, the Philippines! ♥

  • What’s your favorite book? Author?

I don’t have one. I’m sorry, I can’t choose.

  • Have you read erotica?

Yes. Haha. *awkward laughter*




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