About the Blogger


Rexy  is the online nickname of a 17 year old Filipina who turns a year older every time it’s the 22nd of the 8th month.  In real life, nobody calls her as “Rexy”. Instead, they call this certain big-boned (a euphemism for fat) girl “Rex”, short for her real name Rexanne.

She’s currently taking up the Bachelor of Arts in Communication Arts (BACA) program in the University of the Philippines Los Baños (UPLB). All the while, she’s diligently wishing she graduates on time amidst all-nighters courtesy of university hell weeks and fascinating adventures  ensured by her unpredictable college life.

Her shortlist of hobbies include laughing and crying over books and ebooks,  hoarding said books at those little pieces of heaven they call bookstores, writing and doodling random stuff down at the most inappropriate times, binge-watching American TV series late at night  and updating her various social media accounts.

Although she is most probably hiding out in her room at the moment or doodling on her notebook  while her professor’s voice drones on, you can reach her through the social media accounts widgets you can see on the right sidebar. She doesn’t bite and she promises she’ll get back to you the soonest she can.

For all intents and purposes, you can reach her faster by connecting through her Instagram (bookstagram) account @reading_rexy  or her email and Facebook account  crexanne22@gmail.com.  If you plan to stalk know how she looks like, her personal Instagram account is @crexanne. Spammers and the likes are most certainly not welcome and she says the aforementioned bitches can all be damned to hell.

She congratulates you on reading this part of her blog and assures you that she’s grateful you visited her page, follower or not. She wishes you a good day ahead or a good-night’s sleep after you read this part.

tumblr_muvbyk0oaR1si12t8o1_500 tumblr_muvbyk0oaR1si12t8o1_500


5 thoughts on “About the Blogger

  1. Hi! I really like your blog. Especially the layout. I mean, your header is extremely adorable.

    Anyway. I read a few of your posts and a few photos from your Bookstagram. I think they’re pretty awesome. Haha.

    P.S. Oh em. I’m from UP as well. Hahahahahahaha, ok that’s all.


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