Send a book for review

As a bookworm, I welcome the chance of reading even more books each and every day. If you’re an author or a publisher, I’d love to review your book!


   l87862-gmail-eps-logo-75228 CREXANNE22@GMAIL.COM

download    @READING_REXY


I accept the following genres:

-Romance (all kinds!)

-Young Adult (all kinds!)



I would prefer physical copies or ARCs 🙂

For printed formats, of course I’ll accept any type, be it hardback, trade paperback, mass market paperback or any other type known to mankind. ♥  I can assure you 100% that if I receive a physical copy of  book from an author and a publisher, I’d be more enthused in reading a book and posting a review. Double the thrill when I receive a signed copy (Gosh, JUST the thought is enough to excite me, haha)

However, I know that this might not always be possible. Alas, this blog haven’t conquered the world yet and 99.9% of the world’s authors don’t even know who the hell Reading _Rexy is… so, I’ll also accept digital formats. I’d take any format that runs on the Android Moon+Reader and all .epub and .pdf files 🙂  I’ll also accept Kindle versions  🙂


  • You can notify me of your intention of sending a physical copy of a book by dropping me a line at my email address above. I’ll be sure to reply with my mailing address.. For digital copies, you can send me the files by attaching it in an email. Again, my email address is posted above 🙂 I usually check my email every other day and reply as soon as I see an email addressed to me. If you don’t receive a reply, it means that life is being a bitch and I haven’t been able to see your email yet.
  • Please make sure the book you’ll send me is an intellectual work that you can give without any legal consequences.  In other words, for the love of cheesecake, please don’t send me a ‘stolen’ book. I don’t know about you but I myself would certainly hate to get caught up in copyright infringement legalities, haha.
  • Upon submitting a book for review, please be notified that your book will automatically get a minimum of two posts, one in this blog and the other in my bookstagram account (@reading_rexy). 🙂
  • Upon submitting a book for review, please don’t expect me to ‘fake it’ when I finally post my review. If I enjoyed it, I’ll certainly tell the world so! If I didn’t, I still would!
  • The views and opinions I express in a book review doesn’t necessarily reflect my views and opinions on its author.  In other words, if I found a book worthy of a one-star rating, that doesn’t mean that I believe the author  also deserves a one-star rating. For all I know, the author is the world’s greatest friend, just not the world’s greatest author to me, haha. 🙂
  • Upon submitting a book for review, please be notified that my busy college schedule and other priorities might not permit me to have the time to read and review a book as fast as you might like. If you demand to have a posted review within two weeks or less, I’m sorry but I might not meet your demands. (Then again, I just might!.)  Suffice it to say that I have no fixed time period of when I will post a review after you send me a digital copy of your book. It might take me one day, one week, one month, three months, six months, or any other day in between…. I can’t give you a time period because my schedule is unpredictable and sometimes other books interest me more than others at the moment. Sorry for that. If you don’t accept this condition, please don’t consider sending me a book for review at the moment. Please wait until I finally graduate, obtain the chance to get a great job that will leave me all the time in the world and make me have the opportunity to buy all the books I can get my hands on. Haha!
  • There’s a loophole around the condition stated above. Note that you can check up on my ‘reading progress’ via email if you wish to do so.  Doing this ‘progress check’ would pressure me motivate me to finish reading your book and posting my review faster than normal 😉

I hope you still send me a review copy of your book despite these terms and conditions 😀



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