Trickster by Randall Potts

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TITLE: Trickster

AUTHOR: Randall Potts

PUBLISHER: University of Iowa Press


DATE READ: January 25, 2015

SYNOPSIS: *from Goodreads*

Trickster opens with a crank call to the reader: “How was I to know / You were thin, your garden / Was covered in smoke / That you sat in your house / Coughing?” Over the course of these beautiful and eerily accomplished poems, Potts’s reader is taken on a journey that is at once time-scarred and resolutely contemporary, earthy and haunted, moving from estrangement to reconciliation. Amidst a deepening sense of crisis, the Trickster of Potts’s imagination emerges as aggressor, prankster, victim, and healer, forging resilient music from the afflictions of the mind’s “infested nest.”

Trickster veers quickly from meditation and narrative to song, plunging the reader into a liminal world of dreams, archaic lyrics, and fables, populated with figures ranging from the Hawk and Worm, the Cat and Dove, to Cold and Death. It is a wilderness in which all things are alive: “a blade of grass / equal to the suffering / of a lifetime.” Yet it is also a place of menace, “where a fly with one wing, keeps / tipping over in the grass, where / the ants will have him.” Whether or not the Trickster reaches utopia, he reckons with the world that is achievable on earth and in words, “those dreams of woods / relayed to you.”

REXY’S RATING: 3 stars

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Grimm Memories by Janna Jennings

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TITLE: Grimm Memories

AUTHOR: Janna Jennings

PUBLISHER: Patchwork Press


GENRE: Young Adult, Fantasy, Adventure, Fairytale Retelling

DATE READ: February 2015

SYNOPSIS: *my own*

Much like Janna Jenning’s first book (A Grimm Legacy) in the Grimm Tales series, Grimm Memories is a tale of friendship, adventure, teenage love and a few fairytale characters along the way.It takes place six months after Andi, Frederick, Quinn and Dylan escaped from the world of Elorium. With unfinished business on the world they escaped from, the four decide to return…but this time, they come prepared.

REXY’S RATING: 3 stars

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