Another Short Story


Since I was fortunate enough to get great reviews on my first 100-word story which I posted about two weeks ago, I thought I’d share my other 100-word story from our literature class. If you have the time and the interest, read on! ☺  Continue reading


This is What Happy Looks Like by Jennifer E. Smith


TITLE: This is What Happy Looks Like

AUTHOR: Jennifer E. Smith



GENRE: Young Adult, Romance, Contemporary

DATE READ: January 25, 2015

SYNOPSIS: *my own*

An accidental email between teenage heartthrob Graham Larkin  and  small-town country girl Ellie O’Neill is the start of a very special friendship between two people from different worlds. After finding themselves conversing day by day without revealing their true names and identities for a while, Graham decides to meet Ellie face-to-face in her small-town by scheduling his movie shoot in her hometown.

…Can friendship and a budding romance survive outside the online world? Can two people from different worlds meet halfway? Can they actually find out what happiness means? This Is What Happy Looks Like by Jennifer E. Smith tackles these questions and more.

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6 Idioms and Judging a Book by its Cover


Photo not mine. Credits to original owner.

imagesAs bookworms, we all know the popular saying “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.” We probably stated it one way or another through all the years we’ve read book after book. We say it like a mantra every time we check out a book which we secretly think has a hideous cover but is blessed with great reviews and an intriguing blurb.  We say it whenever someone criticizes the face of a book we love.

Sometime last night, I decided to make a list about this popular saying, hand in hand with six familiar idioms about appearances that I found fitting.  Hmm. That rhymes. Haha. Let’s start the countdown! 🙂

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“Thank you for coming”, the cool author of Asylum and Sanctum dressed in an awesome Game of Thrones-designed dress- Madeline Roux, tells me. “Can I get a hug?”, the warm author of the Evernight series with a chic persona-Claudia Gray, asks me.  

I found out that Claudia Gray was coming here soon through one of my bookstagram friends named Pam. Hahaha. Imagine my surprise when I saw Stargazer, Balthazar and Fateful for sale at only 99 pesos each at National Bookstore SM Sta. Rosa! Then and there, I was hooked. I know a steal when I see one! Haha! I knew I had to adopt them three and welcome them to the bookshelf ♥

  • Pre-signing happenings 

Sure enough, several days later, @nbsalert (the official Instagram account of National Bookstore Philippines) posted this!


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